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Treatments for Malocclusion

When it comes to the treatment for malocclusion, this is often conducted by an orthodontist whose specialization is in the correction of such problems. By and large, the most common treatments for this condition is the use of braces. Looking at the fact of the problem being so common, you will come to realize the fact that millions of Americans are actually on braces. Check out the dental insurance arkansas here.

However there is a more of a contemporary solution to the condition of malocclusion and this is in Invisalign clear aligners. These kinds of aligners actually function more of the same way that the traditional braces would. Their only advantage over the traditional braces is in the fact of their convenience when it comes to use, are less physically visible. They are not in any way bothersome to the wearers and this is another feature that makes them, the Invisalign clear aligners an preferable alternative for many.

Now, in the event that the problem of teeth crowding happens to have resulted in malocclusion, then it may as well be advisable thinking of having one or some few teeth surgically removed. There is as well the use of the space maintainers, which are appliances that your orthodontist may insert in between the teeth, and these are most commonly used where there is a case of loss of teeth prematurely or teeth has not yet emerged. This helps a lot with the need to keep the other teeth from moving out of their position. But in the very severe cases of malocclusion, you may have to go for surgery and in such a case one would have to be referred to an oral or maxillofacial surgeon. In the event that the teeth have been restored and or moved to their new position, you may have the braces removed. After this, your orthodontist will recommend the wearing of a retainer, a device that you will wear till your teeth will have stabilized in their new position according to the treatment. Get the arkansas orthodontics services now.

One thing that you should bear in mind going forward is that there are various forms of malocclusion. Some of these are such as the overbite cases, underbite, crossbite, et cetera. Of these, overbite is the most common form of the problem of malocclusion. Whichever type of kind of malocclusion it is that you may be suffering from, an orthodontist is the professional you need to turn to for the help you need out of the condition. Click this link for more details:

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